Curious About Cold Brew?

While nothing can replace the soothing aroma and warming sensation of a freshly brewed hot cup of coffee, there is another form of the bean that is as equally tantalizing. The yin to hot coffee’s yang is its twin brother, cold brew. By cold brew, we do not merely mean hot coffee over ice, but processing coffee grounds with cold water making a longer lasting, smoother, less acidic beverage that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Cold brew coffee utilizes room-temperature water to bring out all of the essential oils, fats and caffeine that give coffee its distinctly familiar flavor. It is a process that demands great patience as it can take 12 to 36 hours for the water to fully extract all of the flavors from your favorite coffee blend. The reward for that slow extraction process is the smooth, creamy, and sweet taste of the cold brew.

For those who use coffee as an energy source to combat the constant bombardment of tasks we receive on a daily basis, cold brew comes with an extra boost of caffeine. It also may be an excellent option for those looking for a cold beverage to boost their energy during their weekday lunch break or during a taxing weekend project.

Cold brew has an extensive lifespan, allowing coffee sippers to enjoy their beverage for much longer than its hot counterpart. Due to the high temperatures of the water, hot coffee can become sour a short time after being brewed. The room temperature brewing process allows these molecules to remain stable and allows your coffee to maintain the same pleasant taste up to a week after being brewed. This proves an excellent option for those would like to grab their coffee in advance and not be burdened by an extra stop to get a great cup of coffee on a busy morning.  Platform T offers growlers of cold brew for just that very reason!

The flavor profile of cold brew can be overwhelming for those new to the beverage as the recipe often calls for double to triple the number of coffee grounds as the hot brew. Cold brew also creates somewhat of a coffee concentrate so feel free to flavor your cold brew with any of our delicious syrups like vanilla or hazelnut. For those looking for a creamy cold beverage, cream, milk, or any of our non-dairy options take very well to cold brew.

The best part – you do not have to give up your warm, welcoming warm cup of coffee in the morning to make room for cold brew, they can peacefully coexist in the coffee universe. We just want to make sure one delicious form of coffee does not get neglected without its merits proudly being proclaimed. Most importantly, make sure to stop by your closest Platform T location for some Java because as Jerry Seinfeld put it, “We want to do a lot of stuff; we’re not in great shape. We didn’t get a good night’s sleep. We’re a little depressed. Coffee solves all these problems in one delightful little cup.”


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