We bring you the newest innovation in brewing technology from the people at FRANKE. The BKON Craft Brewer is a product of American innovation and Swiss engineering. Can’t get better than that. They call it RAIN (Reverse Atmospheric Infusion) process. We just know that it produces a fast, consistent, delicious cup of tea, any tea, any time, every time.

Normally, the taste of a cup of tea changes with the amount of tea leaves, the temperature of the water, how long it is brewed. 3 factors. That’s it. The good folks at FRANKE introduced a fourth factor: pressure. Actually, negative pressure. Otherwise known as a vacuum.

By allowing a vacuum to be applied to the brew, it shortens the amount of time needed to extract all the palate popping flavors in the tea. More extraction, less time. More consistently, less time.

With each tea or fruit blend, a completely separate combination of time, temperature and pressure can be used. Each tea, brewed just the way it needs to be brewed. The same way, every time.

So at Platform T, get a great cup of tea … fast.

But if you want to slow down, brew it in a pot and savor your sips, we’ve got that covered too.

We want you to love brewing in a teapot too. In fact, we leave you the tea leaves to brew over and over again. Truth be told, that in spite of all the glitz and glamour of our technology, we treasure what happens when people sit and share a pot of tea. Taking the time to talk, and savor and do the things that matter most: cultivating relationships, connecting with friends.

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